Business Continuity

Continuity Planning is a hot topic in the business community. It requires you to think about what you will need to re-open your business quickly should an emergency force you to shut down. Statistics show that planning for an emergency event today can help keep your company viable tomorrow. Here are some helpful resources.


Providence Emergency Management Agency

Loss of business due to a local disaster affects economies well outside the boundaries. The Providence Emergency Management Agency offers free resources to assist businesses of all sizes prepare for and recover from unexpected events.


The nation's critical infrastructure is composed of public and private institutions in agriculture, food, water, public health, government, defense, telecommunications, energy, transportation, finance, postal and shipping. Cyberspace is the nervous system. Recognize the risks and learn the terminology. 

NorthEast Disaster Recovery Information X-Change (NEDRIX) nedrix

NEDRIX offers access to real time government information during a crisis. The group has the ability to coordinate bi-directional communications, bringing the latest incident assessment and providing any business impact back to the governmental agencies. Membership, along with access to their diverse resources on best practices, is free.

BMIC - updated

Beacon’s Storm Planning Guide

The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company provides helpful home and business hints for preparing for a hurricane and controlling workers' compensation risks in disaster recovery efforts.

Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency

RIEMA is the statewide command and control center that interfaces with each of the state's 39 municipalities. Since its founding, the primary mission of the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) has been to protect life and property in the event of a disaster or crises situation, through a program of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. 

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