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In business since 1999, ProProducts Web Development has a skilled team of programmers and graphic artist who can help any business succeed online. They create quality web sites while also providing the highest level of customer service.

A Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce member since 2002, ProProducts has used their relationship with the Chamber to gain exposure to prospective clients in Rhode Island and beyond.

“We have a long, productive history with the Chamber. Our membership is a key part of our success. 

When we were trying to get our business established in 1999, the Chamber was there for us, and it is still an important part of our continued growth today. ProProducts uses the Chamber to expand its business opportunities, because it works. Through various networking opportunities, the Chamber has provided us an important venue for us to build connections with other businesses.  Many of those connections have become valued clients through the years."

-  Paul Leclerc, Sales Manager  

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Customized Business Support

In business since 1860, Mills Coffee Roasting Co. is a Providence-based specialty coffee roaster. Mills Coffee understands the complexity of sourcing, roasting and blending coffee as well as the value of their relationship with the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce.

"Since many of our customers are Rhode Island businesses, we definitely rely on the timely information the Chamber provides to help keep our fingers on the pulse of the local business community.

Just knowing that we can call the Chamber at any time if we need help with a particular issue is also a big reason why we’ve continued to invest in our membership. Recently, our company needed to resolve a utility-related matter. Because of the Chamber’s support, we were able to speak with both the utility and government representatives, ask the right questions and solve the issue very quickly.”  Susan Mills, Vice President 

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Business Advocacy

A member since 2005, The Procaccianti Group (TPG) relies on the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce as the real estate investment and management company’s definitive source of information about government action at the local, state and federal levels.

"When TPG needed assistance with a development project in downtown Providence, we called the Chamber. They listened, determined our needs, looked into the matter and quickly connected TPG with the proper regulatory agency to keep the project on track.

TGP highly values our Chamber membership, not only because of the direct support our company has received, but also because of their commitment to champion pro-business, pro-growth policies to help the Rhode Island business community thrive."

Michael A. Voccola, Esq., Corporate Vice President

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